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Indulge in True Thai Delights: Where Authentic Ingredients Meet Homestyle Cooking, Every Dish a Slice of Thailand's Heart.

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"At Thai Cafe, we're just a tiny Thai restaurant with a big heart. Our family's passion for authentic flavors drives everything we do. Located in North Cheam, we pride ourselves on using only the best authentic Thai ingredients to create dishes that taste like home. Whether you're craving the fiery heat of a classic curry or the comforting warmth of a steaming bowl of noodles, our kitchen is where tradition meets taste. Come join us for a meal that's as genuine as it gets – because here, every dish is made with love and real Thai ingredients."


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Quality Food

Savour the Difference: Our Commitment to Quality Ingredients and Authentic Flavours Sets Us Apart.

Authentic Recipes

Experience True Taste: Our Time-Honored Recipes Bring the Authentic Flavors of Thailand to Your Table.

Family Run

From Our Family to Yours: Love & Flavour Infuse Every Recipe, Creating a Home Away from Home for You.


Peek Gai Tod - Thai Chicken Wings - £7

Large marinated chicken wings fried and topped with crispy pandan leaves and shallots, served with a sweet chili sauce for dipping.

Tau Hu Tod - Fried Tofu - £6

Fresh tofu fried in a tangy tamarind sauce, topped with crispy shallots. Available in regular £6 or vegan g £6.

Poh Pia Pak – Spring Rolls - £8

Homemade stuffed and deep-fried pastry rolls served with sweet chili sauce for dipping Chose from pork £8 or vegetable g £8.

Pak Chup Pang Tod – Crispy Fried Vegetables g - £6

A mix of crispy deep fried battered vegetables served with a sweet chili sauce for dipping.


Gaeng Keow Wan - Green Curry YYY - £12

A fiery curry made with fresh green bird’s eye chillies containing bamboo shoots, Thai round aubergines, long red and green chillies and a choice of veg & tofu g £12, chicken £12, beef £13 or king prawn £14.

Gaeng Daeng - Red Curry YY - £12

A mid spiced curry made with dried red chillies and lemongrass containing bamboo shoots, long red and green chillies and a choice of mixed vegetable g £12, chicken £12, a tempura salmon fillet £13.5, roast duck & pineapple £13.5 or king prawn & pineapple £13.5

Gaeng Panang - Panang Curry Y - £11

A creamy, slightly sweet and aromatic red curry with fine beans, red and green chillies and a choice of chicken £11, beef £12 or a battered salmon fillet £13

Gaeng Massaman - Massaman Curry - £12

A rich and mild curry with cardamom and cinnamon flavours. It contains cashew nuts, onions, potato and a choice of chicken £12 or beef £13.


516 London Road, North Cheam, SM38HW


Phone: 020 8109 2622

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday
Lunch 12pm -3pm
Dinner 5pm -10pm

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